Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California

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AJL International Conferences



50th Annual AJL Conference — Washington, DC -- June 21-24, 2015

Conference 2015

We were able to catch most of our California members to pose for a photo.


49th Annual AJL Conference -- Las Vegas, NV -- June 22-25, 2014

Conference 2014

AJLSC Council and Members enjoying the AJL Las Vegas Conference
(1st row): Ellen Cole, AJLSC President (center); Susan Dubin, AJL Conference Chair (right)
(2nd row, third from left) Dr. Yaffa Weisman, AJL President (2014-2016).


47th Annual AJL Convention -- Pasadena, CA -- June 17-20, 2012

AJLSC at Convention

Most of the California Delegates at AJL Pasadena Convention
AJLSC's Enid Sperber and Sharon Benamou, Co-Chair

44th Annual AJL Convention -- Chicago, IL -- July 5-8, 2009

California seems to have the largest delegation at Convention!



43rd Annual AJL Convention -- Cleveland, OH -- June 2008

Many California members enjoying the AJL Convention in Cleveland.


AJLSC members are new AJL officers (2008-2010): Susan Dubin, AJL President (Library Consultant, Off The Shelf Library Services, Northridge, CA), and David Hirsch, AJL Vice-President/President-Elect (Middle East Judaica Bibliographer, UCLA Research Library, Los Angeles, CA)
AJLSC members visiting the Temple Teferith Israel Library, in Beachwood, OH: Judy Cohn, AJLSC President (Los Angeles Public Library Substitute Librarian, Los Angeles, CA) and Rayna Clark, AJLSC Corres. Secretary (YULA Girls High School Librarian, Los Angeles, CA)
AJLSC members representing Valley Beth Shalom Library, Encino, CA:
(l to r) Susan Rosner, Susan Dubin, and Helene Gersuk


AJL SYDNEYTAYLOR BOOK AWARDS -- 40th anniversary celebration at the 2008 AJL Convention

Convention Convention
2008 Winners for Younger Readers: (left to right) Sarah Gershman, adaptor, and Kristina Swarner, illustrator, for the book: The Bedtime Sh'ma: A Good Night Book
(EKS Pubishing)
Winner for Older Readers: Sid Fleischman, author/illustrator of book: The Entertainer and the Dybbuk
2008 Winner for Teen Readers: Sonia Levitin, author/illustrator of the book: Strange Relations



42nd Annual AJL Convention -- Scottsdale, AZ -- June 2007
(sorry, photos seemed to be in short supply that summer)



41st Annual AJL Convention -- Cambridge, MA -- June 2006

AJL Officers
New AJL Officers for 2006-2008:
AJLSC members are the following: Ronda Rose, Immediate Past President (far left); Rachel K. Glasser, Corresponding Secretary (3rd from left); Susan Dubin, Vice President/President-Elect (7th from left).

(left) Ronda Rose, outgoing AJL President, 2004-2006;
Past- President of AJLSC; Library Director, Temple Emanuel
Kosefsky Library, Beverly Hills, CA.
(right) Laurel Wolfson, incoming AJL President, 2006-2008; Deputy Librarian, Klau Library, Hebrew Union College-JIR, Cincinnati, OH.
AJLSC had 19 representatives (including one from New Jersey)
from among the 28 Northern and Southern California AJL
representatives.   Here are just a few we were able to gather
together from their busy convention schedules



40th Annual AJL Convention -- Oakland, CA -- June 2005

Most of our AJLSC attendees
(left) Maureen Reister (Texas) with some of the AJLSC convention planners --
Ellen Cole (AJLSC Past President and Library Director, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles);
Fred Isaac (Convention Co-Chair, Northern California AJL, and Librarian, Temple Sinai, Oakland); and Susan Dubin (AJL Secretary and Library Consultant, Northridge, CA).

Eric Kimmel, children's author and illustrator,
winner of the 2005 AJL Sydney Taylor
Body-of-Work Award.



39th Annual AJL Convention -- Brooklyn, NY -- June 2004

Annual gathering of California attendees.

(right) Ronda Rose, new AJL President, 2004-2006;
and Library Director, Temple Emanuel Kosefsky Library, Beverly Hills, CA.

(below) New AJL Board (2004-2006) includes Ronda Rose (5th from left) and Susan Dubin (4th from right) AJL Secretary and Library Consultant, Northridge, CA.


Lisa Silverman, AJL Committee Chair and Library Director of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, introduces AJL's new Sydney Taylor Book Award poster: "It was heavenly to be able to borrow books from the library" from author Sydney Taylor's award-winning All-of-a-Kind Family.
Proud recipients of AJL Library Accreditation Certificates on two levels:

(L to R) Advance Level: Arna Schwartz, Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy Library, Los Angeles, CA; Susan Dubin, Valley Beth Shalom Library, Encino, CA.
Basic Level:Enid Sperber, Temple Israel of Hollywood Library, Hollywood, CA. Susan Rossner, also of Valley Beth Shalom Library.

(L to R) Ellen Cole, AJLSC President and Co-Editor of Reviews (Juvenile Literature) of the AJL Newsletter; Nancy Patz, author and illustrator of the 2003 Sydney Taylor Book Award for Older Readers, Who Was the Woman Who Wore the Hat?--A Meditation on the Holocaust; and Marion Stein, Chair of AJL Bibliography Bank.
(A reunion: All three had attended Goucher College, Baltimore, MD.)

Enid Sperber, AJLSC Program Chair (seated), with two Sydney Taylor Award winners, Anne Dublin (left) and Esther Hautzig, at Author's Luncheon



38th Annual AJL Convention -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- June 2003
(sorry, photos seemed to be in short supply that summer)



37th Annual AJL Convention -- Denver, CO -- June 2002

(left) AJL President, Pearl Berger, Dean of Libraries, Yeshiva University, New York. (right) AJL Vice-President / President-Elect, Ronda Rose, Librarian, Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills, CA, and Past-President of AJLSC.
Grace Friedman, AJLSC Past President and Librarian, Adat Ari El Religious School, Valley Village, CA, is honored for best attendance at national conventions throughout the years.
"AJL Advanced Level Judaica Library Accreditation Certificate" presented to Lisa Silverman (right), Library Director, Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, by Helene Tuchman (left), AJL Accreditation Committee Chair and Librarian, Temple Emanuel, Newton, MA.
Ellen Cole, AJLSC President and Librarian at Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles, relaxes with a "reader" she "met" in a local Denver mall.



(left) 36th Annual AJL Convention -- La Jolla, CA -- June 2001                    
                      35th Annual AJL Convention -- Washington, DC -- June 2000 (right)

Lisa Silverman(front with microphone), Library Director, Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, and Enid Sperber (to her right), Library Director, Temple Israel of Hollywood -- lead the California delegation in singing Lisa's parody about Judaica Librarians -- at the Convention Banquet.
California attendees are having a great time!