Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California

Bibliography of Cookbooks

Selected Bibliography of
Valley Beth Shalom Sheila Sporn Library

Compiled by Susan Dubin
March 2006

Ashkanazi-Hankin, Gail.   Passover Lite Kosher Cookbook
Avrutick, Frances R.   The Complete Passover Cookbook.
Bacon, Josephine.   Cooking The Israeli Way
Bahar, Zillah.   Kosher Light
The Balabuste's Choice- -Kosher Cookbook
Cohen, Elizabeth Wolf.   The New Jewish Cooking
Cohen, Jayne.   The Gefilte Variations
Covert, Mildred L.   Kosher Southern-Style Cookbook
Ehrlich, Elizabeth.   Miriam's Kitchen - - A Memoir
Epstein, Sue.   Budget Cooking - - Elegant Dining
Fiedler, Seymour.   The Beginner's Kosher Cookbook
Fishbein, Susie.   Kosher By Design Entertains : Fabulous Recipes
     For Parties And Every Day

Fourth Grade Students And Teachers.   A California Cookbook
Friedland, Susan R.   The Passover Table
Ganor, Avi.    Taste Of Israel -- A Mediterranean Feast
Glezer, Maggie.   A Blessing Of Bread : Jewish Bread Baking Around
     The World

Goldberg, Betty S.   Traditional Jewish Cooking
Goldman, Marcy.   A Treasury Of Jewish Holiday Baking
Goldstein, Joyce.    Cucina Ebraica  - - Flavors Of The Italian
     Jewish Kitchen

Goldstein, Joyce.   Saffron Shores:  Jewish Cooking Of The
     Southern Mediterranean

Goodman, Matthew.   Jewish Food:  The World At Table
Greenberg, Melanie Hope.   A Child's First Cook Book
Greene, Gloria Kaufer.   The Jewish Holiday Cookbook
Greenstein, George.   Secrets Of A Jewish Baker
Hirsch, Anita.   Our Food-- The Kosher Kitchen Updated
Hirschhorn, Hope K.   I Must Have That Recipe!
Hofman, Ethel G.   Everyday Cooking For The Jewish Home
The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook
Hyman, Mavis.   Indian-Jewish Cooking
A Jewish Family Cookbook
Kalman, Sharon.   Celebrating The Jewish Holidays: Cooking,
     Crafts And Traditions

Kastenbaum, Diana.   Kosher Delicious: Great Recipes For Living
Kdoshim, Jenny.   Matza 101
Kirschenbaum, Levana.   Levana's Table:  Kosher Cooking For Everyone
Levy, Faye.   Faye Levy's International Jewish Cookbook
Levy, Faye.   1,000 Jewish Recipes
Marks, Copeland.   Sephardic Cooking
Marks, Gil.   The World Of Jewish Entertaining - - Menus And
     Recipes For The Sabbath,Holidays

Nathan, Joan.    Jewish Cooking In America
Nathan, Joan.   The Jewish Holiday Baker
Nathan, Joan.   The Foods Of Israel Today
The New York Times:    Jewish Cookbook
Peterseil, Yaacov (ed.).  The Animated Children's
     Kosher Holiday Cookbook

Plotch, Batia.   The International Kosher Cookbook
Pomegranate Guild.   Less Kitchen More Stitchin' Cookbook
Pomerantz, Barbara.   Burnt Offerings
Pomerantz, Kay Kantor.   Come For Cholent Again
Prince, Francine.   Francine Prince's New Jewish Cuisine
Roden, Claudia.   The Book of Jewish Food
Rose, Evelyn.   The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook
Rose, Evelyn.   Mother And Daughter Jewish Cooking:  Two
     Generations Of Jewish Women  Share Traditions

Roth, June.   How To Cook Like A Jewish Mother
Satz, Miriam Lerner.   Heirloom Cookbook:  Recipes Handed Down
     by Jewish Mothers and Modern Recipes from Daughters and Friends

Schulman, Zell.   Let My People Eat! - - Passover Seders Made Simple
Shapiro, Annette L. and Kuh, Lois Mae.   Beyond Chicken Soup - -
     A Collection Of Contemporary And Traditional Food Favorites

Sokolow, Raymond.   The Jewish American Kitchen
Spieler, Marlena.   The Jewish Heritage Cookbook
Stark, Mark.   Mark Stark's Amazing Jewish Cookbook For The
     Entire Family

Steinberg, Barbara.   Matza Meals
Stewart, Jillian.    Jewish Cooking
Tabs, Judy.   Matzah Meals-A Passover Cookbook For Kids
Wasserman, Debra.   The Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook
Zeidler, Judy.   Master Chefs Cook Kosher