Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California

Bibliography of Colonial Jews


by Ellen G. Cole, AJLSC
Librarian, Levine Library, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles



Alofsin, Dorothy America's Triumph: Stories of American Jewish Heroes UAHC, 1949
Brody, Seymour Jewish Heroes in America Shapolsky, 1981
Zeldin, Florence The Importance of One KTAV, 1980

    (alphabetical by person)

Hahn, Emily Aboab: First Rabbi of the Americas JPS, 1959
Biskin, Miriam Pattern for a Heroine  (Rebecca Gratz) UAHC, 1967
Abrahams, Robert The Commodore  (Uriah Philips JPS, 1954
Alexander, Lloyd The Flagship Hope  (Aaron Lopez) JPS, 1960
Wise, William Silversmith of Old New York  (Myer Meyers) JPS, 1958
Knight, Vicki Send for Haym Salomon Borden, 1976
Milgrim, Shirley
Haym Salomon:  Liberty's Son
JPS, 1975

Belth, Norton Colonial Stories in The Second World Over Story Book JEC/NY, 1970
Burstein, Abraham Adventures on Manhattan Island Jonathan David, 1957
Bush, Lawrence "Strangers in a Strange Land" in Rooftop Secrets UAHC, 1986
Green, Diane Huss The Lonely War of William Pinto Little, Brown, 1968
Greene, Jacqueline Out of Many Waters Walker, 1988
Kubie, Nora Joel: A Novel of Young America Harper, 1952
Schloss, E & Epstein, M Colonial Stories in "The American Scene" in More World Over Stories Bloch, 1968

Costabel, Eve The Jews of New Amsterdam Atheneum, 1988
Lobel, Arnold   On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed into Town Harper, 1971

     (See appropriate chapters, pages, charts, and pictures)  (*General rather than Jewish-American)

Brenner, Barbara If You Were There in 1492 Bradbury, 1991
Brownstone, David The Jewish-American Heritage Facts on File, 1988
Butwin, Frances The Jews of America:  History and Sources Behrman House, 1973
Diner, Hasia Jews in America Oxford Univ., 1999
Eisenberg,A. & Goodman,H. Eyewitness to American Jewish History, Part I UAHC, 1976
Ezratty, Harry They Led the Way: Creators of Jewish America Omni Arts, 1999
Finkelstein, Norman The Other 1492:  Settlement in the NewWorld Scribner's, 1989
Fisher, Leonard E. To Bigotry No Sanction:  Story of the Oldest Synagogue Holiday House, 1998
Ish-Kishor, Sulamith American Promise: A History of Jews in the New World Behrman House, 1947
Karp, Abraham, ed. Beginnings in Early American Judaica (1761-1845) JPS, 1975
Karp, Deborah Heroes of American Jewish History KTAV, 1972
Kenvin, Helene This Land of Liberty:  A History of America's Jews Behrman House, 1986
Klaperman, Gilbert & L. Story of the Jewish People:  From Settlement of America... Behrman House, 1961
Leiman, Sondra America: The Jewish Experience UAHC, 1994
Levitan, Tina Jews in American Life from 1492 to the Space Age Hebrew Pub., 1969
Levinger, Elma Jewish Adventures in America Bloch, 1958
Levinger, Lee A History of the Jews in the United States UAHC, 1956
Malamed, Sandra The Jews in Early America: A Chronicle of Good... Fifthian Press, 2003
McGovern, Ann* If You Lived in Colonial Times Scholastic, 1964
Meltzer, Milton The Jews in America: A Picture Album JPS, 1985
Muggamin, Howard The Jewish Americans Chelsea House, 1988
Pessin, Deborah A History of the Jews in America United Synagogue, 1957
Rubin, Susan Goldman L'Haym Harry N. Abrams, 2004
Telushkin, Joseph The Golden Land: The Story of Jewish Immigration... Harmony (Crown), 2002

Benedict Arnold:  A Question of Honor, by A&E Channel, week of January 12, 2003.  This video features Arnold's Jewish aide: David Salisbury Franks.
      Comments:  Dramatic license with costuming showing Franks wearing a Jewish star on a neck chain outside of his uniform (historically inaccurate).  Questionable bias to Arnold's actions.

    (See Webography about Colonial Jews for museums with websites).
George Washington's Letter to the Touro Congregation via Touro's Gift Shop
Myer Myer's 1794 Report on the Sunday School at Shearith Israel in NYC - AJHS (get permission)
Skirball Cultural Center Gift Shop -- Book Mark and Note  (Peachy Levy Torah Mantle)
Skirball Cultural Center -- Myer Myer's Exhibit Pre-Visit Lesson Guide for Educators, February 2002
Skirball Cultural Center -- Play for Children:  "Myer Myers, Colonial Silversmith: An American Patriot"
Touro's Gift Shop -- Touro Synagogue Commemorative 1982 U. S. Stamp (20 cent)

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