Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California

A Bibliography of Colonial Jews
for Adults


by Ellen G. Cole, AJLSC,
Librarian, Levine Library, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles

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Meyers, Maan The Kingsbridge Plot Doubleday, 1993
Meyers, Maan The High Constable Doubleday, 1994

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Benedict Arnold:  A Question of Honor, by A&E Channel, week of January 12, 2003.  This video features Arnold's Jewish aide: David Salisbury Franks.
      Comments:  Dramatic license with costuming showing Franks wearing a Jewish star on a neck chan outside of his uniform (historically inaccurate).  Questionable bias to Arnold's actions.

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George Washington's Letter to the Touro Congregation via Touro's Gift Shop
1982 (20 cent) Touro Synagogue Commemorative U.S. Stamp via Touro's Gift Shop.
"History of the Touro Synagogue" by Theodore Lewis in the Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society, Vol. 48, Pt. 3, No. 159, Summer 1975.
The Mikveh Israel Cemetery  by Shirley Milgrim, edited by H. & L. Gilbert (my parents), 1980.
Skirball Cultural Center Gift Shop -- Book Mark and Note (Peachy Levy Torah Mantle)

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